4 comments on “Fatherly stuff

  1. I don’t really know my Dad(I’ve only met him a few times), but he is a very talented musician. I remember one of the times that I got to see him peform and I was sitting there at the venue and watching him in awe. Even though he’s a shitty father and somewhat of a douche bag, I had a lil “pang” of admiration for his talent. =o)

    Hope the boys gave you a good father’s day! *huggers*

  2. I’ve had kind of a fucked up paternal experience over the years – I’m adopted, so effectively my paternal father abandoned me (specifically, he denied I was his), my adoptive father went crazy, and my mom left my stepdad in February.

    That said, my stepdad was the closest thing to a “father” I ever had. We had a weird relationship, based mostly around my mom. He put up with me to be married to her. That said, he didn’t really “get” affection – verbal, physical, emotional – which is why she left him.

    Despite those things, he’s the one who was there for me. I remember him helping me drive my first car home through downtown Dallas (driving behind me and signalling so I knew where to turn). I remember a Christmas present of a large box…full of crumpled dollar bills. I remember him helping me move to college.

    I emailed him just now and wished him a happy father’s day. I don’t think I need him to respond – I just wanted him to know how much he meant to me.

  3. When I was little, my dad would occassionally come get me out of school early and we would go fishing. I would usually catch fish after fish, and he would have to take them off and rebait my hook, and by the end of the day he’d be grumpy and mad that he hadn’t caught any fish. So I’d stop fishing at the end of the day long enough for him to catch a fish or two. It was kind of awesome.

    He died August 26, 1989.
    My thoughts are with you.

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