5 comments on “Awesome moments in gaming history.

  1. exalted..

    The group runs across a tall wheat field.. in the far off distance we can see the avatars of our enemies seeking to surround us.
    Asp, the warrior monk, sees a chance to create an opening before the enemies get too close (they are about 2 miles off now)

    He hops up on top of the wheat stalks and starts running atop them. His giant swords held out to either side (and slightly down, dipping down into the wheat, throwing up a trail of hacked stalks behind him)

    With a quick prayer to the Sun, he flexes down with his legs, bending (but not breaking) the fragile stalks beneath him.

    He launches up into the air in an explosion of wheat light flaring around him as his avatar (a giant mountain Asp) whips around his body.
    With the speed of a striking snake he tears through the night sky, reaching the height of his jump almost a mile away from the rest of the party.

    His target had enough time to see his doom approach. Nothing more.

    Asp struck from the heavens themselves. The impact of his strike and landing flattening wheat all around them.

    One enemy down, at least one more to go, to break the trap.

    A quick smile, then Asp starts running, this time on the ground (below the wheat stalks) swords held out to either side like giant scythes kicking up a huge contrail of wheat in his wake. Towards the next target.. the next obstacle in their path.

    (a little embellishment, but hey, it was an awesome scene)
    I’m sure i have more, but that one is just one I remember fairly well.

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