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  1. we had a bunch of different cars when I was a kid too.
    my dad was a mechanic and a little corrupt, AND liked to gamble with his biker friends, so our cars changed often. i thought that was how everyone lived until i got older and realized differently.

    some of my favorite cars were:
    * the 67ish Nova SS, red with black and white harringbone seats
    * 56ish Thunderbird
    * 50ish truck, I have no idea what kind or what year exactly, but my dad let me shift the gears and stand up in the middle of the seat

    • I think my dad had a lot of project cars that he wanted to fix up, but never did. He got most of the International done. Even had it set up with a few kits to be a camper, a hauling truck, and a flatbed as needed. The only things he didn’t finish were the interior and getting the hood painted properly. I miss that truck.

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