7 comments on “The Save or Die Fallacy

  1. I had a problem with this sort of thing in RA Salvatore’s forgotten realms stories. I even wrote to him about it, but of course, never heard anything. Very interesting, and I will have to go back and make sure that I don’t have this problem in my book. Thanks

    • Any particular one? I love those books, but never noticed this sort of thing.

      Getting a response from writers, especially popular ones can be spotty at best. There are a few that respond regularly, so long as you put a lot of thought, respect, and logic into your correspondence.

      Good luck with your story.

      • Berg’inyon Baerne, ran away from fighting Drizzt on multiple occasions; then chooses to fight Artemis who it was believed at the time to have bested Drizzt in battle? He had two drow Mercs with him but put them on Danica while he went one on one with Artemis; did not make sense. He had been a survivor throughout the books then does something like that. Hated it

      • Berg was my favorite, so I researched him carefully to see if there were any motivation, and I couldn’t find any. They had numbers, and knew how dangerous Artemis was. Great books though, I am only a little bitter. Haha

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