22 comments on “So, what does your (literary) diet look like?

  1. I’m totally blog stalking you today. I would say my feelings towards A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is like a nice cup of coffee on a rainy day. It’s warm, you wrap your hands around the cup and just get comforted by it.

  2. I like Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I would relate it to a bag of mixed flavored Jelly Belly jelly beans.

  3. It’s difficult for me to compare books with real food because I’m not a gourmet 🙂 But my favourite book is Alice’s adventures by Kir Bulychev, it’s Russian science fiction, I doubt it was translated into English. But I would like to live in the world of this book, it looks perfect to me.
    And speaking of something international I can name Mumintrolls by Tove Jansson. This book was almost learnt by heart by me so many times I reread it. I couldn’t live without it in my childhood.

      • But I didn’t give up 🙂 I kept on thinking about the task you proposed. And you know for Mumintrolls the allegory came quite fast – they are Mummy’s cookies by all means! As for our Russian book Alice’s adventures by Kir Bulychev, it took me pretty much time to imagine. In the end I managed to sum up the feelings this book gives to me. It helped me understand what I want in my life, cleared my mind. What has the same effect on me in the food sphere? I guess it’s a cup of coffee – wakes me up and makes my mind work properly. Did I fulfill the task successfully?

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