5 comments on “Culture Shock – Life into Lit.

  1. This really is an amazing story and if I could like this a hundred times I would. Sadly, I can only do it once. There is a lot of beauty in these words.

  2. I guess this post is very helpful to writers. But I’m not a writer so I can only recall my own experience. I don’t mind any race or nation as long this communication is respectful, sharing cross cultural experience only makes you richer. In the cases when different nations can’t live peacefully together, I suppose it’s because of low culture.

    • I don’t think the cultures are necessarily low. I think it’s that they’re so defined and different that people enter into a for-us-or-against-us mentality. Especially if religion is involved. It’s all extraordinarily sad when too bright things try to outshine one another.

      • I meant something different. It’s so difficult to build a phrase to keep a sense that you wanted speaking about subtle subjects.
        We have an expression “a person of low culture”. It means this person cannot behave himself – shouts, abuses and so on. So what I meant is that when there are conflicts between nations, it’s not because cultures are in conflict but people of low personal culture are in conflict.

      • I understood what you meant. It’s just always seemed to me that there are always irrational reasons for that “low culture” you’re talking about. Sometimes it’s religion. Sometimes it’s finances. Other times it’s simply that the person’s an arsehole.

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