2 comments on “Wizard World Austin Comic Con Comes to Austin: Finds that the geeks are already here.

  1. I am late to this party, but I shall comment regardless. The world now is totally different than it was when I grew up, and I am so happy that the resources are there to connect with. There were no ” geek” stores when I was growing up, but now there are quite a few in my area.

    Being a geek, gamer, and female, was sometimes a difficult path to walk. It is so nice now to be accepted, connect with others, and raise the next generation of geeks.

    Great post, and it makes me really want to visit Austin!

    • You really should some time. It’s a great place to live, so long as the heat index isn’t through the roof. There are a ton of great quirky places to visit too. You’d fit here quite well.

      Also, we have a myriad of gaming and comic book stores, which is a GOOD thing.

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